Nick van der Linde

Доклад прозвучит на английском языке.

This talk will elaborate on an increasingly relevant – yet often overlooked – part of digital product design: context. Now that our industry has (mostly) learned how to deal with responsive design, our next challenge as an industry is creating smarter products that adapt to the context of use to create a more seamless, efficient and successful user experience.

At Mirabeau we have been playing around with things like device sensors and customer behaviour that together help us anticipate a user’s intent. Paired with web development best practices like progressive enhancement, they allow us to create more efficient and enjoyable digital experiences.

This talk will:

  • show examples of “smarter” digital products from our own work, and other industries
  • reveal the fundamentals of our agency’s research/discovery/design approach
  • conclude with design principles for creating context-aware products